The World of Telos

A Company is Born
Session 1

Our heroes assaulted a military base in Belroth after being hired to rescue a kidnapped Duchess from the compound. While the reason for why she was kidnapped remains unknown, our intrepid heroes definitely secured her mostly-safe rescue. The party teleport specialist made good use of his frag grenades leaving the base in chaos, and mostly in flames while the Dragoon, and steam powered cyborg infiltrated the center of the base securing her safe return.

While making their way back to the Logaran airship, the Peregrine, they realized they had not made it safely out of danger yet. The airship chase was close, but the Peregrine’s superior engines soon left the Belrothian interceptors far behind.

With the reward they received our adventurers decided to pursue man’s highest ideal: capitalism. Thus was born Logara’s first division of Acquisitions Incorporated. What dangers will our heroes face, what treasure will they find? Only time will tell…join us next time for more thrilling tales of high adventure with Acquisitions Incorporated!


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