1. Can’t trust magic
2. A good plan is all you need
3. By force if necessary


The nation of Belroth has a long history of skirmishes with its neighbors, and internal warfare as well. Its history of almost constant conflict has made it one of the most aggressive nations in the world. It is constantly pushing against the borders of its neighbor, The Logaran Empire, with nearly constant border skirmishes. While it does not have the same love of knowledge as the Empire, Belroth is constantly pushing the limits of its war-mechs. Its mech-pilots are regarded as one of the elite fighting forces of the world, and on the field of battle have proven quite formidable.


The people of Belroth are notoriously opposed to the use of the One Power, even the use of infused ore such as the Empire does is not permitted. This belief so permeates the nation that Channellers are not allowed to use their powers within the borders of their nation under penalty of death. The same applies to any other powers that normal people may not possess.

The people of Belroth are very logical, and tactical thinkers. They will wait, and plan for months or years if they believe it will eventually succeed. They are often thought to be untrustworthy due to the many treaties their nation has violated over the years, so deals with them are often made with a grain of salt.


The majority of the land is given over to cities, industry, and farms. The capital city lies in the north near several mining operations, and there are several other cities each specializing in particular items in order to better streamline production. The majority of the nation is surrounded by mountains, except for their southern border, which they guard heavily.


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