1. Pirates of the Sky
2. Mountain havens
3. No risk, no reward


The Republic of Dorn is one of the youngest of the nations having only existed for the last few hundred years. Its people drifted into the mountains searching for new lives, and finding them hidden in the many valleys scattered throughout the region. With the advent of new technologies, airships in particular, the country has become more organized, which some claim has made matters worse. While there have always been raids out of the mountains into the neighboring regions, since a formal “government” has been formed some say that the targets have been getting bigger, and richer every year. The government denies any sponsoring of these raids, but has been less than helpful in capturing these pirates.


The Dornish are a brash people, never hesitating to speak their mind, even when it works against them. They are also some of the bravest, and most fool-hardy risk takers in the world always seeking to prove to their comrades that they are the best of the best.


Dorn has few resources of its own, as much of its lands consists of gigantic mountain peaks with rare high plateaus, and hospitable valleys scattered throughout the land. They have several trading posts along the northern edges of the mountains, and their one mid-sized city which is also the capital, Dorn.


The World of Telos Kithara