1. Ancient power dwells here
2. Magic is still commonplace
3. Mind your Manners


The Kingdom of Elantria is the ancestral homeland of those who use the One Power, or Channellers. Once the entire known world was part of their kingdom, but constant rebellion, and infighting weakened it to the point where it could no longer be united through brute force. Not long after that point armies of Channellers entered the battle on both sides. The massive power they unleashed altered the face of the world, and left the Kingdom shattered, retaining control only over the small region from where they originally came.


The Elantrians are for the most part a rather polite, and formal people. This is most likely due to their long, and proud heritage as the former center of the world. They can sometimes become quite haughty if spoken to impolitely, and are notoriously straight-laced when it comes to things such as bribes, and you can be certain they will the word, if not the spirit, of the law.


The capital city of Elantria lies near the center of the Kingdom, with several other smaller towns and cities scattered throughout the countryside. For the most part Elantria is a temperate nation with lots of rolling farmland between its towns. It is rather lacking in metals, so must import much of its weapons, engines, and other implements. However, this is not a large of a burden as it might be on other nations since much of the populace has some degree of Channelling ability.


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