History of Telos

At the beginning of Time the Creator made all of the world, and for the same period of time the Dark One has been trying to destroy it. However, the Dark One exists outside of the world, and is only able to influence things indirectly, granting power to a chosen few, known as the Forsaken. His followers seek to open a rift in space and time to allow him access to the world so that he may remake it in his image. The followers of the Creator have fought to keep this from happening, and have so far been successful, but not without cost.

Millenia ago there was a war between Channellers, users of the One Power, the force that the Creator used to make the universe, that left much of the world devastated. The shadow of the Dark One expanded significantly casting a pall over much of the land. Many strange beasts and monsters were created in the War of Power which still roam the land in between civilization, preying on those who stray in to their territory.

Since that time technology has progressed significantly so that in the present airships, firearms, trains, and many other mechanical devices are commonly found. While most technology is purely mechanical in origin, some have been able to find ways of processing the residual magic residue from the wars of the past to create a powerful fusion of magic, and technology.

However, there are those who believe that using the One Power is what led to the original conflict, increasing the Dark One’s influence, and causing the untold destruction of the past. Other remnants of the past are those whose ancestors were made in to weapons by the Channellers, namely those who developed various psychic abilities. While not as diverse in talent as those who wield the One Power their skill with a single ability is not to be underestimated. In addition to these people there are those who have manifested the ability to manifest their will as various beasts of legend. The secrets of this ability are closely guarded, but those who are able to enter this order will be quite powerful.

There are still Channellers descended from those of old, but they spend much of their time working behind the scenes, trying to influence other nations via political intrigue. They also do not like to speak of the Forsaken, considering it one of their greatest failings in all of history, and will deny the possibility that any Channeller could become one of the Dark One’s scions.

While things are mostly peaceful between the nations conflicts do break out on occasion with one nation trying to gain resources or an advantage over one of its neighbors. In addition there are many wild, magical creatures that prowl the uninhabited lands around the edges of civilization. Many of these beasts retain abilities that were unnaturally gifted to their ancestors, which now make them unrivalled predators.

History of Telos

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