1. An empathetic people
2. The pastoral life
3. I can feel your pain


A nation of those whose ancestors were turned in to living weapons by the Channellers millenia ago carved out a society of their own not long after the initial collapse of the Kingdom. With others not being tolerant of their abilities they banded together, and have created their own idyllic society. While not particularly rich in resources, or technology the unique and varied abilities of Kalray’s citizenry has allowed them to maintain their neutrality in many conflicts, and prevent any incursions from penetrating too far within their borders.


They highly value the arts, and are an emotional people. This could possibly be due to the high levels of empathy that many of them possess. By necessity they are an excessively honest people due to the relatively high number of telepaths in their society. They are generous, but are intolerant of prejudice, and irrational hate. They are governed by small local councils, that will send one member to a Moot at the capital when a large decision must be made.


The country consists mostly of rolling plains, with a few scattered towns. They mainly herd various livestock driving them across the countryside. They have little in the way of natural resources besides their livestock, and must trade for many other items.


The World of Telos Kithara