The Logaran Empire

1. Thirst for knowledge
2. On the cutting edge
3. The trading center of the world


The Logaran Empire was founded not long after the Channeller’s War. The capital city of Logara is situated along the confluence of several rivers, and trading routes making it a natural center for resources to gather. The addition of a ruling family dedicated to the advancement of knowledge cultivated the world’s greatest university with the best, and brightest minds being drawn there to do their research. This led to the great advancement of technology seen first in Logara before spreading to its neighbors. Logara’s emphasis on continuing advancement is what has also allowed them to make use of the residual magical energy infused in to much of the ore of the world following the Channeller’s War. They continue to be a world power, and control the flow of much of the technology into, and out of, their country.


Logarans are generally speaking a very cosmopolitan people. Situated as they are it is not uncommon for one to see people from any corner of the world walking down the street of Logara. Its people are friendly, and warm, but also very shrewd negotiators, and always on the lookout for the next big idea.


The city of Logara itself consists of the historical Old City consisting of many of the nobles’ palaces, the Imperial Palace, the University, and many other public buildings as well. The New City consists of many of the newer industrial, and mercantile centers. Status is quite tied up in one where lives, and many people will take much smaller residences in the Old City just for the sake of status. The rest of the country alternates between agricultural centers, and industrial operations with several mid-sized towns scattered about.

The Logaran Empire

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