1. Summoning secrets
2. Council of Elders
3. Solidarity with Kalray


The people of Treska are descended from another of the groups of people used by the Channellers millennia ago as weapons. They were trained to manifest, or “summon,” various creatures to fight in battle. While not all of their descendants possess this ability those that do are carefully selected for further training in the prestigious Academy. There they are taught to find the creature that matches their spirit, and also how to issue commands to it. Most people believe this summoning is done using a specialized application of the One Power, but the actual techniques are kept tightly guarded. As with Kalray they have maintained their borders through the use of their gifts, often allying together against the more aggressive Belroth to the north.


The people are friendly, and warm, unless one pries in to the summoning techniques at which point they almost universally turn cold, and tight lipped. The ruling body is a council of 13 elders, usually Summoners themselves, who have proven themselves to be of good moral character in their lives.


They lack much in the way of metals, or mines, but have sufficient farmland to feed their population. They have to trade for less common items, usually by trading their skills in return for goods. There are several small towns in addition to the small capital city of Treska.


The World of Telos Kithara