1. Death before dishonor
2. Living in the Blasted Lands
3. Warrior Race


Before the Channeller’s War the Veritan were their elite shock troops. They were unchanged by magic, but often wielded powerful weapons which they were granted after years of training, and then proving themselves in battle. After the war they remained a very tight knit community living deep within the badlands caused by the magical energies raging across the countryside. Today they continue to live deep within the blasted desert, making contact with other people only when desiring to trade, or to make war on those who would make incursions onto their lands.


The Veritan are normally very reclusive and taciturn, but those few who have been accepted in to their tribes have found a people with a very grim sense of humor, and one could never fault their honor, or dedication to their duty. They are widely regarded as the finest warriors in the world, and universally skilled in hand to hand combat. They have only one holy city where their Wise Ones, and Chiefs go for their final ordeals before being approved by the Council of Chieftains. The remainder of the time they live nomadic lives travelling between various areas that will sustain life in the desert.


They have one holy city, Rhuidean, where outsiders are not to enter on pain of death. The remainder of the time they travel between oases, and various campsites that are able to sustain life in the desert. Additionally, much of the rock, and ore in their lands has been imbued with magical energy following the War, and it is one of their main trading commodities.


The World of Telos Kithara